Finca El Maco, San Agustín

Tourist Ring

Estrecho del Magdalena

The Estrecho del Magdalena is the narrowest part of the river, measuring only 2.20 meters. The canyon walls consist of more than 70 million year old compressed lava of nearby volcanoes. The red color is caused by ferrous sulfate. In some of the rocks you can find sea shells which are more than 120 million years old, so-called ammonites. It is considered a holy place by the indigenous people of this region.

Location: in the canyon of the Río Magdalena, between San Agustín and Obando, north of San Agustín.

Distance: 9 km away from San Agustín

Width: 2.20 m

Altitude: 1400 MASL

Getting there: on an unpaved road in Jeep, by foot or horse.

Cascada del Mortiño

The waterfall is about 170 m high and was given the name of the plant Mortiño that grows in this area nearby.

Location: 9 km in the southeast of Isnos, on the Vereda en Carmen, in the northeast of San Agustín.

Distance: 11.5 km away from San Agustín

Altitude: 1897 MASL

Geographical information: the origin of this beautiful waterfall is a geological fault line. Its water falls into the Mortiño canyon, which enters into the Río Magdalena further down the stream, together with other inflows like the Quebrada, Banderas, Planada, Tigre, Guaraná and Lechuza.

Getting there: The street leading to this tourist attraction is mainly paved and can be reached in jeep.

Obando: Museum and Tombs

The Museum and tombs of Obando are the result of a community initiative. The archeological park is administered by the association of artisans of Obando.

Historical information: In 1993 Obando and the government of Huila started founding the archeological park. Rodolfo Obando donated the plot in order to build a farm. Archeological work and investigation was conducted by Jorge Ruiz Ulloa.

Location: at the central plaza of Obando, in the north of San Agustín.

Distance: 14 km away from San Agustín

Getting there: The tour can be realized in Jeep, but there are also Chivas and Pickups going there regularly.

Salto de Bordones

A long time ago the residents of this area had to enter into the turbulent waters of the river, in order to cross it because there hadn’t existed bridges yet. In avoidance of being carried away by the current, they used wooden boards and sticks (span. bordones) which gave this place its name.

Location: 15 km in the northeast of Isnos

Distance: 47 km away from San Agustín

Altitude of the waterfall: 270 m

Altitude: 1600 MASL

Geographical information: the waterfall is the second highest in South America. The water of the river Bordones precipitates in three majestic waterfalls and follows the flow of the impressive river Bordones.

Getting there: with Jeep on partly unpaved roads