About Pacho: 

During more than 30 years as horseback-riding guide, Pacho has accompanied more than 5000 tourists with and without experience riding horses. This work with the horses and tourists satisfies him and comes from his heart. And the guests feel it!

About the horses:

The horses are all very sweet-tempered Corillos, almost every day doing trips with tourists. Even the ones who have never sat in a saddle before will find it easy to ride with them.

For information about further tours and horse rental you are welcome to talk to Pacho directly in El Maco or you can call or write him:

Telephone: 311-827 79 72

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A recommended horseback-riding guide who can take you around the archaeological sites and beyond. He offers a multiday trip to Laguna del Magdalena – the birthplace of the mighty Río Magdalena high in the mountains above San Agustín.

4-hour-trip: Archaeology and Canyon 

The tour includes visits of the archaeological sites El TablonLa Pelota and El Purutal, all of them places with exceptional stone statues, some even with unique well preserved paintings. Also a very impressing stop is La Chaquira where one can admire human and animalistic figures carved into solid rock as well as wonderful views over the canyon of the Río Magdalena.

5-day-trip: Lagoon of the Río Magdalena 

A further highlight in this region is the lagoon and spring of the Río Magdalena in the Paramo de las Papas. The ride takes us through beautiful flora and fauna and we are spending the nights in fincas with local families. All together we will need 5 days for the 160 km from San Agustín to the lagoon and back.


Pacho also offers individual rides to archaeological sites and trough breathtaking scenery. Among other things it is possible to visit a coffee finca and to get to know the process of panela-production out of sugar cane. Just ask Pacho and he will organize a perfect route for you!

San Agustín

Huila, Colombia

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